Why You Need to Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life


Why You Need to Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life

Breaking free from the traditional career path that baby boomers have been used to - where you’re tied to a specific location and possibly doing a job you’re not passionate about – has never been so easy because the digital economy is booming and the technologies needed to harness it are now very user-friendly.

My mission in life is empowering people to live extraordinary lives by teaching them how to create a life and business they love. I speak from experience because as a former real estate agent, I used to work long hours and was very time poor.

Learning to make money online changed everything for me. It really is possible to achieve the financial freedom which allows you to earn revenue from anywhere in the world - as long as you have a laptop and a decent Internet connection.

But while the right tools and training are vital to create a profitable online business that suits your ideal lifestyle, the biggest obstacle I find is the mindset that keeps people tied to their established comfort zone, even when it’s not making them happy.

Achieving the lifestyle that fulfills you will depend hugely on your beliefs, habits, passion levels and drive. In other words, if you align with the right vision and values, work will seem effortless; you’ll begin to feel a flow that attracts opportunities.

So with this in mind, these are my Top Mindset Tips for Success:

Get Crystal Clear on Your Personal Vision & Goals

Your personal values and goals are what will steer your business forward and give you the momentum to create your ideal lifestyle, so it’s important to spend a little time each day reinforcing your inner compass. Your goals need to synch with your core values as a person, or they will not sustain you in the long-term.

My suggestion, based on what has worked for me and many others, is to write down your values and goals then place them within easy view while you work (it’s a good idea to get yourself a white board). Keeping in the forefront of your mind who you really want to be and what you want to achieve is key.

Secondly, practice visualization every day – see and experience yourself living the life you’ve always wanted –

making it real in your mind, not as a ‘castles in the sky’ dream but something you feel in your heart. This is more powerful than you might realize, visualization acts as a reservoir of motivation when you feel run down or swamped by life’s’ constant demands.

Ultimately, creating a lifestyle you’re passionate about is what truly matters – keep those passions alive and well so they can get you where you want to be.

Take Personal Responsibility & Believe In Yourself

Many things in life are out of our control, but having a negative or positive mindset is a choice. Nothing good comes from a negative perspective, while positivity instantly expands your horizons – a simple analogy is the difference between barren ground and fertile land where things can grow abundantly. Success largely depends on having the right attitude to begin with, NOT the other way around.

It’s crucial to prioritize a positive mindset and believe in yourself, because that will give you the drive and fortitude needed to go the distance and achieve your goals. Even small things can make a huge difference to your perspective, like getting those endorphins buzzing with some daily exercise and eating healthy to gain more energy.

It’s also really important to surround yourself with supportive, positive people as this has a massive influence on how we feel about ourselves. If you want to create the life you love, negativity both inside and out is your biggest enemy. Bear in mind that some of your colleagues, friends and family might feel threatened if you go in a new direction because that shines the spotlight on their lack of action to improve their lives. Don’t take this negativity to heart – work on your positivity and self-belief because these are your foundation for creating success.

Overcome Fear by Taking Courageous Action

Courage and confidence come from taking action even though you feel fear. We often make the mistake of putting things off until that future ideal time when we’re in a strong and confident place, but that day never comes! To forge the life you’ve always dreamed of, you need to have the courage to venture into uncharted territory and stretch your comfort zone. The thing you need to understand is this: whether you find immediate success or initial failure when you start a business, you will grow in ways you never thought possible, so that’s already a major achievement!

View Challenges as Your Friends 

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that challenges are invaluable because they force us to stretch ourselves and wise up – most top achievers have failed many times at ventures, but it’s their strength in the face of adversity and ability to find solutions when the need arises that sets them apart. Make friends with challenges, because like working out in the gym, they build the mind muscles needed for long-term success.

Learn to Be Targeted

It’s so easy to get swept away in reactive mode and spend your whole day busy but getting no closer to reaching your real goals. It’s really important to frequently take a step back and look at the bigger picture, ask yourself what actions are going to really take you further down the path of building your ideal lifestyle and be ruthless about pushing aside the activities that are getting you nowhere. This is key to success on any level.

Cultivate Gratitude

An essential part of maintaining positivity and drive (seeing the glass half full instead of half empty) is gratitude – giving thanks for everything in your life both big and small. If you think about it, compared to millions of people in underdeveloped countries, just having running water, food on the table and a good Internet connection is something we should all feel massively grateful for, so it’s important to keep the right perspective.

Gratitude instantly elevates your mind; all truly successful people practice this core principle. It also teaches you to focus on your strengths instead of getting bogged down by your weaknesses, which is crucial for any kind of progress. Instead of wasting your energy sweating the small stuff, save it for what really matters – creating a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Stuart Ross Bio

Lifestyle entrepreneur, education technology innovator, public speaker, travel enthusiast and audiobook junkie – Stuart Ross is the Co-founder of Digital Experts Academy, a company that specializes in helping students from all walks of life create their ideal lifestyle business by recognizing and pursuing their individual passions.


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