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“Discover How an Introverted Estate Agent Went From Working 70 Hours a Week to Make a Living, to Building a Multi-Million Online Business From Scratch, Using Nothing More Than His Laptop, the Internet & the Power of Authority Marketing

"I can show you how to join the modern wealthy and literally make money while you sleep!"

Hi, I’m Stuart Ross… and if you don’t mind I’m going to cut to the chase…

First of all, let me warn you this won’t be your typical formal “about me”  website bio.

That's because I expect you aren't really here right now to learn my whole life story or read some website bio that's supposed to have been written by the third person but is actually always written by the site owner. That's just weird if you ask me. 

Instead, I will just share with you stuff that I think will help you, assuming you’re possibly looking for my help.

If you’re here, I expect it’s because you want to figure out how to earn your living doing something that’s fulfilling to you, and that is relevant for today’s online world.

Something that’s also going to give you a lot more freedom (time and geographical), yet at the same time can have a real positive impact on others.

In a nutshell, you are here because you’re pretty serious about improving your quality of life and doing something that excites you..

I’ll be honest, there are many people out there who can help you these days. It’s all very possible in today’s digital world, and it’s not the 90’s anymore where it was a lot more challenging to find mentors.

But right out the gate and before we go any further, let me warn you that I’ll be pulling no punches and will be very straight with you. So if you are looking for someone to tell you, it’s easy and can happen in one or two weeks, that’s not me.

I will keep it very real with you.

It’s also important you know I don’t have an office in a skyscraper somewhere, nor a fancy PhD or MBA hung up on my wall. For one thing, I dropped out of college after sleeping through one too many classes.

So if you’re looking for a formally educated business mentor in a three-piece suit with a corner office, I’m not your man.

So who is Stuart Ross?

Stuart Ross

I was born in Bristol, England, in 1981.

I grew up with my older sister and my parents who separated when I was 12. I took the separation pretty badly and it turned out I had to do quite a lot of work on myself in my late 20’s in order to really shift some of the beliefs that were holding me back in my own relationships and happiness.

I also will point out I most definitely received no votes for any “Most Likely” in my secondary school class. But as I mentioned already I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering, can Stuart help ME?

Simple answer: maybe.

Perhaps like you, I’ve always had a burning desire for more than the status quo. When I dropped out of college, I had to find something to do other than trying to figure out how to talk to all the girls.

So at 18 years old, I joined an estate agency firm as a trainee negotiator. It turned out to be not such a bad decision for me. I got some great mentorship and within 5 years I was making six figures.

BUT, that also came at the price of working 70 hours a week and living for the odd weekend I had off.

When I turned 25 I took a moment to really think about my life… and for the first time, I realised I was not all that happy or fulfilled. I looked at my bosses and looked at where I would likely be in 5-10 years and I decided it wasn’t the path for me anymore.

So, with little real-world business experience besides my time as an estate agent for almost 8 years, I started a business of my own. 

The result… I failed miserably, got myself into over 20k of debt, got a ton of anxiety and lost all self confidence...

Not exactly what you would call "winning".

Anyway, after closing down the business I ended up going back to my estate agency career for a few months but this time I really couldn’t bear it. Commuting, 7:45am morning meetings, 11 hour days and little to no passion at all for what I did. It just wasn’t meaningful anymore. I remember thinking at the time that I’d rather move back home with my mum and work a part-time job than carry on with the long mundane days.

Then here’s where things started to change for the better. After learning from my first business failure, (which was a business advertising franchise that required cold calling and chasing people all day long), I knew if I was to start another business it was important to me not to have to cold call or spend my days convincing unenthusiastic people to part with their hard-earned money.

I also learned that I really didn’t have a passion for personal selling. While I knew I could do it, in fact, I am good at it, I just didn’t want to be on calls or in meetings all day.

I also knew that any business that would require me to do that would just be another time-for-money roll. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book I had drawn the conclusion that trading time for money will only take me so far.

Quite simply, that was not far enough, so I began intensively researching online, looking for different business models that met my criteria.

This included: Freedom to work from wherever, no need for huge capital outlay or employees to start, no requirement for me to have to be selling all day, no limit in income potential, and something I could do part-time until I replaced my salary.

Now, most people would say that sounds too good to be true or that sort of business doesn’t exist. That’s exactly why those people don’t find these sorts of opportunities. If you aren’t clear on what you really want, and/or if you’re not open-minded. Of course, you won’t discover anything that’s better than what you are looking for.

What I have found is that almost everyone these days still has the mindset that was developed for the industrial age. In other words the pre-Internet world; the 9 – 5 era.

It’s exactly why these people are still commuting to jobs and still living paycheck to paycheck. Spend just 10 minutes on youtube and you will find that there are thousands of people who have adapted their mindset for the digital world and are now reaping the rewards of becoming what I like to call a ‘freedom entrepreneur’.

So anyhow, after doing extensive research I finally came across a guy that I trusted. He lived in Atlanta, USA and was selling an ebook for $97 that promised to share a business model that met all of my criteria.

I bought the book and absolutely LOVED what I was learning and it just made sense. So I reached out to him (Brad) and offered to pay him to mentor me. He agreed and truly, as cliche as this sounds. The rest is history.

As luck would have it, the business I started under his guidance turned out to be a success.

Within my first year, I was making a lot more money than I had ever expected… I was also able to walk away from my job after just 6 months of starting. That was truly one of the best days of my life. Firing my boss knowing I had a new and better way than his 70-hour weeks and 7:45am morning meetings. YAWN.

NOTE: This is the business model I share with you in my free video series and it is all about selling in demand products online using what I call 'Authority Marketing'.

Now you’re probably expecting me to tell you how all my dreams came true and how I have lived happily ever after since then.

Not the case…

You see, when the money started rolling in, I started traveling, first a little bit, then a little more, then a lot. Within a few years, my business was running on autopilot and I was traveling at least half of the time and working no more than an hour or two per day.

Yet, while I was making great money and had more freedom than I knew what to do with…

Something was missing…

And that was a purpose. In other words, something that was bigger than just me. Something that I was excited to work on every day and that had a real positive impact on people’s lives.

If you have ever experienced something similar, that is, ‘success without fulfilment’, I am sure you too have realized the very same thing.

And that’s that: Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

So in 2010, I made a commitment to myself. A commitment to only work on meaningful projects and businesses that align with my personal values, to help others, and they would only be projects I am truly excited to work on.

If you watch any of my videos or attend my webinars I think you’ll be able to see that I really do love what I do. Particularly my businesses that involve helping others improve their lives.

So what about you?

It’s important for you to know that there are three kinds of people I cannot help:

First, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself both time and a bit of money, I can’t help you. If you think you can figure this all out on your own and without resources and hands-on help then I wish you the best of luck in doing so. I know for me taking on a mentor was the answer.

Second, you need to have a problem or a burning desire. A problem is that you are in a job or a business that is stopping you from living the life you really want.

A problem could also be feeling like you don’t fit in where you work now, or feeling unsafe in your career, or feeling like you need a “Plan B”.

A burning desire is something you want really badly, like traveling the world or being able to spend way more time with your family.

If you don’t have a problem or a burning desire, I can’t help you. I get that some people are curious about this “online stuff”, but I’m only able to help people who can see past the “cool” factor and want to use my strategies and business systems to better their lives.

Third, you need to be a positive person. We all get frustrated from time to time, but if you’re always angry, I can’t effectively help you.

You may have noticed that unlike a lot of the self-styled “gurus”, I don’t peddle doom-and-gloom or on the other side I also don’t sell the get-rich-quick dream.

Sorry, but the US dollar won’t be used for toilet paper next week, Greece won’t be deserted and taken over by terrorists and I don’t believe we live in a world with less opportunity than in the 80s.

I’m all for a bit of reality and being aware that there are some global economic challenges, but if you’re stocking lima bean seeds in your underground bunker, you won’t like working with me.

At the same time if you are looking for an easy quick-fix I can’t help you either. Admittedly there are a bunch of folks out there who will sell you the dream of making millions in months with their fully automated ‘secret system’. If you fall for that stuff I am also not the man to work with.

Still with me? Here’s who I can help:

Driven and enthusiastic people who want to live a better life with a ton more freedom than what they have right now; people who are willing to do the work.

Individuals and couples of all ages who are ready to apply what we teach and create meaningful and fulfilling work with infinite opportunity.

Imagine what you would do if you made at least what you make right now but completely on your terms from your laptop or computer.

Now, imagine what it would be like to be able to scale that income 2, 3, 4 x over the next few years because of the leverage you get with the Internet.

That’s who I’m here to help: people like you who want to start a profitable online venture but aren’t sure where to start.

The online world can be confusing, and it can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re like me, you know your time is better spent building a business than scouring the internet reading the latest forums, blogs, and websites on how to get rich quick.

So here’s where I do the self-aggrandising “sales pitch”.

In the last few years, I have successfully:

Built one of the fastest-growing private education companies in the world. Students in over 120 countries (there are only 196 countries).

Started and invested in over 5 ‘million dollar’ plus companies.

Helped thousands of people make their first sale online.

Helped 9 people make their first million’ online in under two years and starting from scratch.

Helped hundreds of people every single month improve the quality of their lives within 30 days of working with us. (Not necessarily money-related.)

What I am most proud of is the hundreds of people I help every single week to find more meaning in their life and work.

You just can’t put a price on that. Waking up every single day with purpose and passion for what you do is quite simply the best feeling.

It took me many years to figure that one out for myself.

Had I been able to put the puzzle pieces together earlier, I would have gotten there much faster.

The crazy thing is that you could achieve this in as little as one year. What took me almost seven years to figure out can be achieved by you in barely one-tenth the time.

So if you’re looking for help creating a freedom business that you are truly excited to work on and passionate about, I know I can help you figure this out.

The question is “do you want my help?”

I ask that because, in my years of doing this, I’ve found most people don’t WANT help.

For many people, the idea of having an online business sounds sexy, but the desire to execute isn’t there.

For the same reason, individuals often cheat on their partners, people are attracted to this stuff: boredom.

Being a globetrotting man or woman of mystery can seem a lot more intriguing than another 7:45am sales meeting.

So before you ask for help, make sure you need it. Unlike most of the marketers out there who use hype and exaggerations to persuade you to pay them, I won’t try to “sell” you on how you’ll change your life in a week or two by just writing me a check.

One of the biggest online “scams” is really just old-school salesmanship: with the marketer telling you to buy their program and you’ll change your life in an instant.

I could probably do a brisk business hustling everyone into thinking they can change their life with little to no effort, but that’s not my game.

The reason (besides, it’s BS) is that, quite honestly, I’m too busy doing this stuff myself and working with my team to develop other businesses ranging from importing products from China to sell on Amazon to building a DNA health company.

Because of that, we’re committed to working only with the best people; people like you who are 100% serious about getting RESULTS, rather than more information.

How do you know if my stuff is any good?

Watch my videos on youtube. Or listen to one of my podcasts. Make sure you apply for our free membership and watch one or more than 50 in-depth behind-the-scenes videos. Or read my ebooks and attend my webinars.

If you like what I have to say and the approach I take, you’ll probably like working with me.

If you don’t, you won’t.

Each year, my material is viewed by millions of people in almost every country in the world.

In the last 12 months alone, we’ve helped many hundreds of individuals like you get their online businesses up and running and into profit (it’s documented and you’ll meet them in our community)… and if they keep following our advice, their income will increase year after year after year. Just like it has for our students who started with us years ago.

That’s not to mention helping people gain a ton more free time and total geographical freedom, or the clients who have now crossed well over a million in income. You’ll meet them too.

Doing this “online stuff” is kind of like that old example of doubling a penny every day. Once you start doing it, the returns start to compound. Before you know it, you’ve got something big.

In order to achieve ANY of those results, you have to take action. I’m sure that I have turned some people off with my approach to fast action and some real truths. I believe that we are all responsible for our circumstances and that if you don’t take action, we don’t really want to change.

So let me ask you: do YOU want a change?

If so, and you’re tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tied to one country, and tired of not having the freedom you want, then let's at least explore the possibility of working together.

You can start by creating your free starter memebrship below.


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