A Momentous Day With The Six Figure Mentors in London!

Without fail the Six Figure Mentors have proven that in addition to exceptional training and marketing resources, one of our biggest assets is our stellar community. Our most recent Momentum Day in London was certainly no exception.

Knowing the value that each Momentum day offers, members traveled from as far away as Australia and the United States to attend. Of course, one of the most unique aspects of our community is, no doubt, the sense of support and camaraderie our members provide to each other. Having a conference room full of like minded, motivated, and driven individuals is overwhelming and inspiring to say the least, as 100 members, both new and longstanding, took time out of their weekend to spend the day gaining valuable insights and interacting with members of the internal SFM team.

The day kicked off with a heartfelt welcome from Martyn Hickey followed by a moving opening presentation given by co-founder, Jay Kubassek, on the importance of finding your “why”, your reason to persevere.


Stuart Ross, SFM founder, kept the positive momentum going with a fun and inspiring presentation on goal setting and how mindset is, often times, the difference between success and failure.


From everything including practicing gratitude to “Mooky” (morning nookey!), Stu outlined how living each day with “Bliscipline” (the discipline of living in bliss) can help each of us to develop the mindset needed to be happy in the now and reach our most seemingly unattainable goals.

After a value driven presentation by Jay about the importance of positive momentum and a comprehensive Q&A segment with top marketers, Christian Bir, Martin Strom, Jay Williams, and Paul Deehan, members and internal team alike completed the day with a refreshed sense of empowerment in working toward their vision of success.


As an added bonus, true to SFM/DEA community form, over half of attendees decided to stay once the day had come to a close to get to know the internal team, interact with Jay, Stu, and Martyn, and keep the positive flow going over a huge family style, Indian dinner followed by one or two (or ten) drinks at the hotel bar!


Overall, without a doubt, this was our most exciting, value packed Momentum day to date and we could not be more honoured by the presence of those who chose to spend the day with us.

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